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News from our Hyde Library!


Happy National Poetry Month to all Hyde Lions Readers. Keep submitting your beautiful poems and help us grow our poet-tree. Every entry receives a small thank-you gift from the library. Keep Reading, Keep Writing, and Keep Empowering yourself!


Our librarian Mrs.Agrawal's contact

A poem by Mrs. Agrawal!

Hyde Lions Readers follow me-

  • shhhhhhh or whisper

  • looking for a hangout place- nah

  • hungry or thirsty please step outside

  • chairs where you sit and tables where the book sits

  • "Touch me not" - technology in Community Room

  • Love games, then PLAY- but only Kahoot, Wordle, Typing Club, Chess

  • card games- hmm...sorry

  • I am in love with my table- from a chair

  • use me wisely- Technology

I miss those days

I miss those years

When my library was packed

with exciting students' cheers.

When someone looking for paper

When someone looking for a bookA

And someone playing ROBLOX

And I had to give those looks.

When poor printer working hard

but affluent and popular among us all.

Wads of paper he barfed in brunch.

And I could listen to his “help me”call.


When desktops dancing at your tunes.

And furniture witnessing whispers loud.

The adjacent Community room will open

To hug and snuggle the extra crowd.

When corners filled with chatand gossips.

shhh makes its way to your ears.

Now consumed by an eerie silence

Rip my heart and roll down my tears.

Contiguous smiles, jubilant voicesIs

what now, desire and wish

Hyde library is always open.

Reading is joyful and divine bliss. -Mrs Agrawal 

Below are tutorials and resources which may help you in finding what you need. Enjoy!

How to place holds 

Curbside guidelines for students and families 

Library book pick-up plan (5 Step Plan) 

All links for the Curbside Book Pick Up

How to Guides 

A few instruction pages for things that you might use often

How to use SORA - Hyde

How to access Clever - Hyde